Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps for PC

Just like smart phones, there are many free instant messaging apps for PC available for users and some of these apps are supported on multiple platforms and some are designed for enterprise use which helps in enhancing communication. Irrespective of the operating system used, here are five best instant messaging apps for PC.

  1. ezTalks

It has all possible features an user might need in an instant messaging appsfor computers and is suitable for both personal and enterprise use.

It has rich features such as video conferencing, group chats, screen sharing, supports emojis and has good security features.

  1. Pidgin

It is possibly one of the best instant messaging app for PC and works on all operating systems such as Windoms, OS X and Linux. It has a user friendly interface making it easy to use.

It also has features such as group chats, emoji and supports multiple instant messaging platforms such as AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, IRC etc and its third party plug allows interfacing with instant messaging platforms such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp etc.

  1. Disby

This free instant messaging apps for PC is available only on Windows operating system and allows all social networks on a single interfacing, allowing merging friend lists from various accounts into a single account. Other features of this instant messaging app include pop-up notifications, SMS feature, status updates for all networks, data sync, saving conversation history etc. This instant messaging app supports social media networks like Facebook, Gmail, Google Talk, Twitter etc.

  1. Instant Bird

It is an easy to use instant messaging application for PC with its well designed user friendly interface which is easy to use, understand and customise as per requirements of the user. It works on all operating systems like Windows, Linus, OS X and has features such as spell check, dictionary, chat encryption.

  1. Trillian

It is considered one of the best Instant messenger for PC and it works effortlessly on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and OS X. It has eye catching features like an interactive user interface, game chat feature allowing users to talk with other users while playing full screen games, built in spell check, emojis, multiple tabs for conversation etc.


With importance of communication increasing in the digital age, these free instant messaging apps for PC offer a great source of communication, allowing user to choose the best free instant messaging application for PC as suitable for their needs and requirements.

Post Author: Donald Phillips