Best Car Rental Companies in USA

There are several companies that offer the car rental service; however, only from the best companies, you will get the best services.

Renting a car gives you the same experience like of owning a car, what differs is only the duration you stay with the car. Majorly, in the determination of the best, there vary factors to consider that include: the shuttle bus, the reservation process, cost and fees, the pickup process, the return process and finally the fleet of available cars.

Let’s look at the best car rental companies in the United States:


Compared to other companies, the Enterprise is the best car renting company in the United States. In the comparison process of the said factors, the Enterprise outscored the others. Moreover, any customer who has done business with them, really appreciate their services. Their cars models are the newest in the market that is about 6 months old with the odometer reading 1400 miles.

They have a reward program that is free to join whereby members get redeemable points for each dollar they spend. To get a weekend day rental, you can redeem 400 points. They also offer opportunities for a free upgrade.


  • You can transfer your transfer points to another account.
  • The company is universal.


  • Their weekly rental costs are high.
  • Their upgrades in rentals aren’t included in basic rewards.
  • They charge an extra fee for an additional driver.


Their clients’ satisfaction is high that is facilitated by their affordable services for the business travelers. They boast a fancy fleet of cars like the SUVs, pickup trucks, and cargo vans. Moreover, their rates are constants whereby you don’t need to pay more even during peak season.


  • They offer flexible one-way rentals.


This is another universal company whose presence is felt in over 1635 airports and also in several train stations, hotels and bus stations. Additionally, it offers the largest dream car selection in the industry from the econobox to hybrid from its green traveler display.

They have a special Shelby Mustang GT that they also came up with after teaming up with ford. Also, they have a redeemable points program whereby you earn a point on each dollar you spend on them. To get a free rental day, you require up to 550 points.


  • The reward points also apply to express drop-offs.
  • There is no extra driver fee for the spouses of five-star members.


  • Adding a second driver is expensive.
  • It’s more expensive than other companies.


One advantage of this company its services is straightforward. However, it’s an expensive company though it gives special rates for AARP members and also offers a 30% off to small businesses.

They have an app that helps a regular renter in reserving and managing it using a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.


It’s a car rental company that fits your budget. Usually, to rent a car from this company for a day, it costs $42. To add a second driver, it costs an extra $12. So, in case you want to enjoy driving with a friend you can consider this offer.

From the above discussion, you can choose the best company that suits your budget. Also, it’s advisable if you are new to the car renting system; use the hotwire and Priceline services to get cheap offers. You should also avoid renting from the airports because it costs more than other points.

Post Author: Clare Louise