Method of clearing the bath

المكونات Ingredients:

 Metallic wire.

الطريقة Method:

 A metal wire with at least several hooks or hooks is prepared.

 Then remove the metal bath sink using a screwdriver to unplug the screw and remove the plastic filter underneath.

 The bathtub filter and parts that have been removed from any impurities are then cleaned and disinfected with hot water.

 Then put the wire inside the drain hole of the bath and move and roll in all directions to attach the impurities to the hook.

 The metal wire is removed and cleaned and the water discharge test is performed.

  • Wash the bath with chemical detergents:

المكونات Ingredients:

 Chemical product for the smoothness of the flakes.

الطريقة Method:

 Special products are bought with a suitable bath tub, such as potassium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.

 The instructions and the method of use are written on the packaging of  شركة تنظيف بالرياض

  the chemical product and applied at the same time, each preparation has a special method of use.

 The product shall be poured directly into the drainage hole and be careful not to spread around the bathtub, taking into consideration the wearing of gloves.

 Disseminate for half an hour and open the running water and make sure to remove the blockage.

  • Wash the bath with baking soda:

المكونات Ingredients:

 half cup baking soda.

 cup white vinegar.

 Amount of boiled water.

الطريقة Method:

 The bathtub is drained from the water and any plankton is removed with a drainage hole.

 pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain hole.

 Add a cup of white vinegar over baking soda and plug the plug with a plug.

 Then leave the ingredients to interact and dissolve the impurities and plankton for at least twenty minutes.

 Then pour a bit of boiling water and test the discharge of water.

  • How to dispose of the toilet:

 The toilet water valve is closed and the water tank valve is closed.

 The bathroom is set up by brushing newspapers around the toilet so that dirty water does not fall on the floor of the bathroom and take into consideration the wear of my neck.

 A large piston of heavy rubber rubber is prepared to flush the toilet and place it under hot water for its flexibility and non-leaking water.

 The piston is placed in the toilet hole and the piston should be carefully covered.

 Keep in mind that the piston water is immersed to push and  شركة تنظيف في دبي

 press the water and not the air and if necessary you can add water to the toilet.

 The piston is slowly pushed down at the start and pull for a long time. It may take from one quarter of an hour to about twenty minutes until the blockage disappears if there is no hardened steel.

 Make sure to flush the toilet and drain the water through the toilet flush.

  • Method of cleaning the toilet with sodium bicarbonate:

المكونات Ingredients:

 cup sodium bicarbonate.

 cup white vinegar.

 2 liters of hot water.

الطريقة Method:

 Two liters of boiling water and other ingredients are prepared.

 Then a cup of sodium bicarbonate is added to the toilet followed by two cups of white vinegar and fecal notes.

 Hot water is poured into the toilet, taking into consideration that it is as hot as the cup of tea that can be taken so as not to break the porcelain in the toilet.

 The toilet is left all night and you will notice in the morning remove the clog completely and drain the water.

  • Wipe the toilet with a metal wire:

 A metal wire or metal peg is fitted and dismantled and gloves are taken to avoid splashing water on your hand.

 Wrap the metal wire with a piece of cloth and fix it with a  مكاتب استقدام

 sticker to protect the toilet from exposure to scratches with metal wire.

 The wire is placed inside the toilet, moving in all directions, pushing and flushing inside the toilet to block.

  • Methods of cleaning the blocked sewer with vinegar:

المكونات Ingredients:

 half a cup of white vinegar.

 half cup baking soda or sodium borate.

 cup salt

الطريقة Method:

الملح Salt, baking soda or sodium borate are mixed as available.

 Then add the vinegar over the mixture and put the sink plug and leave the ingredients to react for at least half an hour.

 The boiling water shall be poured over the components and be sure to clean the sink and remove plankton and impurities.

  • How to drain the sewer:

 The pressure equipment of the sewage from the plankton, especially the solid, is purchased and processed.

 Operate by pressing the water out of the pressure equipment hose.

 It helps to push the sediment out of the drainage pipes and get rid of the obstruction of drainage pipes.

 This method is usually used by specialists and to wash the main waterways in homes.

  • Open kitchen ducts:

المكونات Ingredients:

 sodium bicarbonate.

 White vinegar.

الطريقة Method:

 The drainage pipes located below the basin are opened and cleaned thoroughly using a dedicated brush.

 Large amounts of pure white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate are prepared.

 A cup of sodium bicarbonate is placed and wait a few minutes.

 A double amount of white vinegar is poured over the bicarbonate and the drainage pipes are sealed for half an hour. This mixture will dissolve plankton and accumulated fat.

 The amount of boiling water is poured into the drainage pipe openings and make sure to open the sewer and get rid of clogging.

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