Accessories and Functions to Work on Lathe Machine

Lathe machine accessories are applied for holding and cutting the various materials on a cylindrical or conical work-piece. There are around 25 operations that are performed on lathe machines. A machine tool comprises of power drive and kinematic system which are essential auxiliary tools and works in motion with a rigid body to accommodate all the elements.

For general functioning there are also other essential accessories available along with these elements with Pathak industries.

Accessories and their functions          

  • Centers: Centers are of two type viz. live center and dead center. A live center is one which fits into headstock spindle and rotate with the work, whereas, a dead center is used on a tailstock spindle and does not rotate.
  • Chucks: For holding and rotating the workpiece, you use chucks. It is attached at the spindle of lathe with the help of two bolts and a back plate being screwed on to the nose of the spindle. There are two commonly used chucks namely, three jaw universal chuck, and four jaw independent chuck. The three jaw universal chuck does the job of holding round and hexagonal work. The four jaw independent chuck can hold round, square and irregular shape work in eccentric or concentric position. There are other types of chucks also available such as combination chuck, drill chuck, collect chuck, magnetic chuck and air or hydraulic chuck.
  • Lathe dog or carrier: This accessory can be straight or bent. It is held between centers and rotated by clamping dog or carrier to the end of the work.
  • Drive plate: A circular plate that can be attached to the nose of spindle by boring or threading. It can also carry a hole for pin when the work is held.
  • Face plate: Larger in diameter than drive plate, its uses include holding work pieces which cannot be held in a chuck.
  • Angle plate: It is a cast iron plate having two plates faced right angled to one another. Angle plate is used together with face plate as face plate alone cannot clamp the parts against a vertical surface.
  • Mandrel: Lathe mandrel is usually a cylindrical bar with hole located at each end and holds hollow work pieces for machining the external surface. There are various types of mandrels for different work.
  • Steady rest: Steady rest or a center rest provides extra support for long work-pieces. It generally stands at stationary position from a rigid mounting on bed. It also supports the work-piece at the center of the rest with three contact points placed at 120 degrees apart from each other.
  • Follower rest: It is similar to steady-rest except the mounting occurs on carriage in place of bed. It is sometimes known as traveling steady.

To draw an inference

With all the other machine tools you use accessories mainly to assure the working principles of machines like for proper holding and supporting of workpieces and cutting tools for various types of sizes and shapes. To perform your desired work these are the combination of different accessories you should keep in mind before ordering a lathe machine from a recognized service provider one such maker is Pathak machine tools.

Post Author: Sheri Croll