Why You Should Buy Local: and How Crowdfunding is Promoting Local Farming

Everyone says buying local is important. Here’s why they’re right:

  1. Every time you buy local produce rather than things from a nationally or internationally owned business, you’re ensuring that money stays in your community, strengthening its economy. Studies have shown that buying local means that more money goes to more local businesses, farms and service providers.
  1. You support local farmers, increasing their job security and encourage responsible land development.
  1. You also save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint! Your food doesn’t travel long distances to reach you, so you’re playing a role in promoting better air quality.
  1. Moreover, local produce is fresher and purer as it reaches you within a day of getting picked, as opposed to a conventional brand that may take days or weeks to reach you. This means you’re consuming organic food that isn’t filled with chemicals.
  1. You’re staying in touch with the seasons; this means you’re eating food that’s seasonal and is at its most flavour some and is least expensive.


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How does crowdfunding help promote local farming?

Social crowdfunding has been responsible for fuelling a plethora of nonprofits initiatives and community development projects around the world. NGOs that work to alleviate malnutrition educate underprivileged children; build shelters for stray animals, rehabilitate victims of sexual abuse, and so on, have all found help with funding through crowdfunding platforms. They are able to tell powerful stories on a global platform that creates buzz quickly on social media to find donors.

Dheeraj is one such campaigner. An architecture graduate from East London University, he now spends his days running a cafe in the foothills of the Himalayas, at Rishikesh. Dheeraj is passionate about fresh and pure food that is grown sustainably. He has been able to establish a garden where he grows most of the veggies the cafe, called Village Cafe, uses in its meals. Dheeraj doesn’t plan to stop there. He hopes to build a vertical garden to produce more and employ local underprivileged women as gardeners and cooks. He has turned to crowdfunding to fund this project.

Crowdfunding in India is actively helping lower the statistics on farmer suicide! Several concerned individuals and organizations have turned to crowdfunding to help farmers and have been able to make a world of difference already. More farmers are able to educate themselves on sustainable farming methods and afford the technology they need to maintain their practice, produce more crops organically. Join the initiative to produce and eat local; start crowdfunding for a cleaner and happier planet!

Post Author: Danny White