Langkawi with Rental Car: Main Tips for Drivers

Langkawi is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Southeast Asia. The island is famous for its beaches with soft white sand and clear sea. There is no public transport on it: only taxis, various rented cars, bicycles and scooters.

For discovering the rural areas of Langkawi, visit many beaches and enjoy the nature of the island away from the tourist spots – pay attention to car rental in Malaysia.

There are many places you can hire a car: at the airport, on the main beaches of the island, in major cities and next to the bay. The average cost for a car starts from 120 ringgit per day. The prices vary depending not only on the class of the car, but also on time of the year. In high season (from November to April), prices rise by about 30%. For driving a car in Malaysia, international rights are a must.

It is necessary to note that rent for a couple of days is cheaper, and for a week especially. One interesting moment is that fuel is yours, and, in addition, you are not limited in the mileage.

Generally, 1 liter of gasoline on Langkawi costs 2.1 ringgit. You will not find a lot of gas stations here, so it is better to decide the point you will refuel beforehand. As a rule, these stationsare marked on free maps that are specially created for tourists.

When booking a car in advance on the Internet, you can get a good discount. Langkawi has its personal distributor – Kasina Rent-a-car, which proposes the lowest prices there.

For sure, many people know that Malaysia for a long time was the English colony, and as a result, the left-sided movement of Malaysia is inherited.

To choose car rental on Langkawi or not is a very controversial issue, since there are both pluses and minuses of this decision.

One of the main advantage, which often blinds the tourist and close his eyes to many negative aspects, is saving money. However, do not forget that you will choose an empty car, that is, immediately add the cost of gasoline. Saving time is a false feeling, because once you get lost, you will waste more time than you planned to visit one or another place on the island.

And now about the side effects of which you probably did not know.

Bear in mind that for the pristine state of the machine only you are responsible. If you take a car from a licensed company and conclude a contract, read the contract carefully. Usually, there is a fixed sum of the insured damage. If the damage is greater, the difference you pay yourself. If there is no contract, then the responsibility is on you, even if the landlord claims that the car is “insured”.

Every tourist coming to Langkawi should know how to move on the road. Here are some common and very important tips for driving and road safety the driver should be aware of:

  • Animals, particularly cows and buffaloes, often cross roads. Cattle can lie on the road at nighttime, so be careful.
  • Before you apply to car rental and take some car, check the tires. If the tires are “bald” (do not have protectors), choose another car. There are a lot of countryside roads (not the main) on Langkawi, which are narrow, and when it rains, they become very slippery. Therefore, the state of your tires is more than significant.
  • To wear seat belts in the car is mandatory; otherwise you must pay fines from 50 ringgit and even more.

Post Author: Danny White