5 Ways to Begin Your Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

So many chemicals are hidden in items that we use every day and foods that we consume on a daily basis. It’s time to put an end to this. Changing your lifestyle to all-natural and non-toxic is something everyone can do. But how do you get started? Many folks are wondering about this, which is why I’ve written out 5 easy steps for how to begin living naturally.

  1. Tidy up your cosmetics

This was my very first step toward natural living. Several of the natural brands hide a bunch of awful chemicals in their products, so you really have to look at their ingredient checklist before buying any of them. This may be frustrating, so just begin to replace these products as needed, and also keep looking for better natural alternatives. If you need a brand that is 100% safe and uses only organic ingredients then you should view Sunshine Organics. I have used them for a while and I absolutely love them.

  1. Select organic produce

If you could stay away of even a small amount of chemicals, it’s worth your effort. Going completely organic could be a bit much for some individuals, as this can easily break the bank. Buying frozen organic vegetables may be a good option to keep costs down. You might also have affordable food co-ops in your area that deliver weekly boxes of groceries at reasonable prices. In essence, eat organic, focus on fruits and vegetables, reduce meat as much as possible and you’re on an excellent track.

  1. Free your home of artificial scent

This is an absolute must! These items consistently blow harmful fumes right into your home. Restroom air refreshers, room sprays, plug-ins, fragrant candles, fragrance, body haze, generally anything with an odor is probably packed with hazardous chemicals. Substitutes? Replace them with essential oils and don’t forget to open all the windows of your home to air out your living space on a regular basis. This should take care of unpleasant odors over time and there won’t be any need for disseminating chemical fumes inside your house.

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  1. Prevent processed veggie oils.

Stick to healthy vegetable oils like avocado oil and ditch anything unhealthy like canola oil. For any cold dishes I recommend organic olive oil. Keep in mind that most ready meals and take-out meals contain unhealthy oils that should be avoided. Your best choice is to cook at home so you can be in control of your ingredients.

  1. Switch out your cleaning products

This was kind of a biggy for me. One day realized that you only need a few cleaning products at home. My recommendation is to get Yaya Maria’s natural dish soap. It’s the safest product I was able to find on the market and it works amazingly well on all of my surfaces including my floor. And of course if keeps me dishes clean too. Most importantly it does all of this without spreading dangerous chemicals inside my home. Highly recommended – here’s their short video.

Well there you have it! 5 simple actions toward a natural, non-toxic home. Try one of these steps per week and after a month you will be ready to lead a much safer, less-toxic, all-natural life for you that keeps you and your family safe.

Post Author: Donald Phillips