Understanding Settlement Amounts for IVC Filter Lawsuits

The Basics of IVC Filter Lawsuits: Understanding Blood Clots

Before you can fully understand IVC filters and the IVC filter lawsuit settlements amount you might receive from a related lawsuit, you must first understand blood clots and what IVC filters do.

Blood clots are simply masses of coagulated blood. For the most part, when your blood clots, it’s a good thing. Blood clotting in and around a serious gash or wound in the flesh can help prevent your body from bleeding out.

On the other hand, blood clots can also be negative. This is because blood clots don’t always occur where they are supposed to. In many situations, they can occur within major blood vessels, which can ultimately cause serious problems such as strokes. There are many different types of blood clots, and the type refers to where the blood clot occurs in the body.

For example, a pulmonary embolism or PE is a blood clot that occurs in one of the arteries of the lungs. This happens when a substance has moved from somewhere else in the bloodstream to the lungs and has clotted there. A pulmonary embolism is extremely dangerous because it prevents essential oxygen from reaching the lung’s tissues.

IVC Filters

This is where IVC filters come in. In order to combat the issue of blood clots such as pulmonary embolisms, medical professionals created IVC filters. These are implantable devices that are put into the body in order to trap blood clots within the inferior vena cava. This is the biggest vein within your body, and stopping the blood clot here can prevent it from moving to the lungs.

Unfortunately, IVC filters have not proven to be effective. In fact, there are numerous risks associated with having these filters implanted.

First of all, these filters may break or fracture, and when this occurs, it’s not uncommon for pieces of the filter to end up traveling to the lungs or heart. Furthermore, taking one of the IVC filters out of the inferior vena cava can be extremely dangerous and difficult. Additional medical complications may occur.

Settlement Amounts for IVC Filter Lawsuits

Every IVC filter lawsuit case is unique. When the ultimate IVC filter lawsuit settlements amount is determined, numerous factors will be considered. These include the following.

Factors Surrounding Your IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements Amount

– Medical expenses

– Past and future mental anguish and pain

– Lost wages and ability to earn.

– The severity, extent, and duration of injury

– Mental health consequences

– Loss of companionship, financial support, and love where a wrongful death is concerned

Have you or a loved one been recently injured by a defective IVC filter? It’s possible you may deserve an IVC filter lawsuit settlements amount for these injuries, and a reputable lawyer can help. To learn more about your legal options, contact a lawyer in your area today.

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